what problems does a civil lawyer deal with

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If it is necsessory for you to protect your rights related to the exercice of entrepreneurial and other revenue-generating activity that the best way to do it is to retain a civil lawyer.

what services does a civil lawyer renderThanks to our services you recieve the highest  level of  legal assistance. It allows you to make right and safety designs by receiving our highly skilled legal consultations and written advices. You may feel shure that your case will be dealt with by professionals, and the documents prepared our specialists will fully serve your purposes.

Consequences of poor-quality legal servicesIf you need we will take part in negotiations with your counterparty to discuss terms, and provide legal support in case of a conflict at any stage from pre-court dispute resolution to  appeal of court judgement and execution of the court’s decision. If you take our services you may rest assured that your issues will be resolved.

Why do people trust usThe team of soliciters and lawyers of the project «To Corporations and Shareholders» helps our clients to settle their civil matters since 1999. When you acquire our services you’ll get not only our knoledge of laws and judicial practice, but also consultations which take into account the features of you business processes. The services that you get allow you both to gaine  benefit and to reduce possible risks.


of minimal legal assistance of civil lawyer is 1 500 rubles*

The cost of  individual services are discussed.

Don’t doubt we agree on the cost of services and their volume in any case.

to retain civil lawyer


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* Альтернативными названиями услуги также являются: «адвокат по арбитражным вопросам», «адвокат по арбитражным спорам», «адвокат по арбитражным делам Москва», «арбитражный адвокат», «адвокат по арбитражу», «специалист по арбитражным делам», «юрист по арбитражным делам» и др.

** Стоимость устной консультации на приеме у адвоката. В случае заключения соглашения на подготовку письменного заключения, разработку документов или ведение арбитражного дела стоимость данных услуг уменьшается на стоимость первичной консультации.